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What’s your turnaround time for shipping?

It takes us about 1-2 business days to process your order, and 5-10 business days for the product to be delivered to you with free shipping.

Where are Jade products manufactured?

Our bottles and tumblers are designed in New York, and responsibly made in China.

What are Jade products made of?

What are the approximate size and weight of each Jade product?

Our Jade product dimensions are listed on each item's product page, under its own description.

What are Jade tumbler straws made of?

The straws are made of FDA approved food-grade silicone. They are BPA free, eco-friendly, and reusable.

Are the tumblers and glass bottles comfortable to hold?

All our tumblers and glass bottles have our signature soft silicone spiked sleeve that makes it comfortable to hold with an easy grip.

How do I clean my Jade product?

Each Jade product's care instructions are listed on each item's product page, under its own description. Please clean before initial use.

What should I be aware of while using and taking care of my Jade product?

 Jade bottles & tumblers should only be used for their intended purposes.

  • Do not place your Jade product in the microwave.
  • Do not place your Jade product in the freezer.
  • Do not overfill your Jade bottles and tumblers.
  • To prevent spills and leaking from your Jade bottles and tumblers, the lid must be properly and fully tightened to ensure airtight seal.
  • Jade products are not intended to be used for boiling hot liquids.
  • Jade products are not intended for the long-term storage of liquids. Alcohol, some juices, and dairy-based beverages can spoil and may cause excessive pressure buildup in your bottle.
  • Jade tumblers, even paired with our lid, may spill if not handled with care.

Remember to exercise caution when using our products.

Does Jade offer any promotions?

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